Friday, August 26, 2011

We had Ice Cream

Carter and Luke's Ice Cream for Breakfast party was a hit!

We had a wonderful time with friends in our wonderful community of Waterford.  Lots of ice cream was scooped.  Lots of toppings.  Lots of fun.  One little boy confessed to me that he had 4 bowls of ice cream!
Carter and Luke spent many hours preparing for the party.  They sat with our photo book looking through pictures to hang up at the party to share about our time with Give Kids the World.  They went to the craft store with me to find decorations. 
They decorated a box for donations. 
Carter helped prepare most of the food, rolled a lot of crepes.  Luke was in charge of getting the candy ready (wonder how much he ate...).  Then they both worked on a menu.
They selected items from Give Kids the World to give away as prizes.  They set up lots of games in the backyard to play with their friends.
We had many, many friends come.  It looks like over $2,000 was raised for Give Kids the World.
It did rain that no outside, no pool...everyone inside.  Still having fun. All of the kids playing in the basement (which was not a total mess, maybe so many kids there was no room to get things out).  All of the adults in the kitchen.  Brayden in a side room, where it was quiet out of the chaos handing with some of his special friends.


Courtney said...

so awesome, carrie!!!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Sounds like a great party! Your boys did a great job (with your help of course)!