Monday, August 15, 2011

Ice Cream for Breakfast

Here is how we are having Ice Cream for Breakfast.

What to do with the kids all summer long?  Clearly a question that any mom asks herself.  I try my best to find fun and new activities to do with the boys.  On those days at home, we all try to find creative ways to play.

One morning, while I was working at the computer, I saw Carter and Luke running up and down the front stairs.  Each time carrying something out to our great room.  They kept it a secret until everything was complete.

Then I was invited in.
They set up a store.  Carter, meticulously organized things into categories while Luke gathered the items.  They even set up a computer and "money machine" (as Luke said).  Both boys insisted that we invite over friends to purchase items in their store.
They gave me a tour of the room.  Then it came time to show me how they were collecting the money.  They had a box.  A box for the money to help "sick kids like Brayden".  They wanted to sell the items to help others.

I remembered an update I received from Give Kids the World about the Ice Cream for Breakfast campaign (It really took place in July but we could not get it together by then).  I explained to the boys that the store was not going to work but we could have everyone over for Ice Cream for Breakfast to help send money for some sick children.

If you remember, Give Kids the World is the village where we stayed for Brayden's Make-a-Wish trip.  Probably one of the most precious, memorable places I will ever be in my life.

As a result, we are planning to host a Ice Cream for Breakfast party here at our house for our wonderful Waterford friends.  If you would like more information just email efcarrie at aol dot com.

Or you can give in honor of Brayden!  Give a scoop.

Carter and Luke are thrilled.  We asked for a Ice Cream for Breakfast tool kit.  Once the tool kit was delivered, the boys have gone through it so many times (so much that I had to put it up).  We want to give back to a place that gave us priceless family memories.


The VW's said...

What sweet boys you have! I'm touched by their desire to help other children like their brother! I was just talking to my husband about holding an ice cream for breakfast party. Can't wait to find out how yours goes! :)

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

What a great idea! Your boys have such a sweet spirit about them. I love that they wanted to give to help kids like Brayden. So glad that you have a great way to make that happen.