Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Camper

Yes, we went on a trip to visit my grandfather in Myrtle Beach.  Yes, we went camping...sort of...we rented a trailer (surprisingly nice) to stay close to my grandfather who has a camper on a campground right on the beach.

Brayden is apparently a fan of Myrtle Beach.  
He floated in the waves one afternoon for a long time.  We gently held him and let him rock up and down with the water.  He was only happy if he could lay down in the water.
If we tried to sit him up at all, he would push his head back until he was in the water.  He almost looked asleep from being so relaxed.

Later he did the same thing in the pool.  He loved the water.  His nurse found him a float that he relaxed in for a long time.  Could he look more relaxed?!

Brayden enjoyed the beach life.  Hanging out in his jogger stroller, fan blowing and naps whenever he felt like it.


kirstenpetree said...

Aww I love how he loved it so much!! Layne loves to swim with his water way babies head ring!!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

That is awesome! Brayden looks so relaxed - what a great way to spend a vacation.