Friday, July 15, 2011

It's hip

Brayden's hip actually.  The appointment with the Physical Medicine specialist last week lead to a discussion about Brayden's hip.  His right leg seems to be shorter than his left and his range of motion is not so good.  The doctor ordered x-rays of his hip. 

We drove to Children's yesterday for the x-rays.  And I spoke to the doctor this morning, who also consulted an Orthopedic Surgeon before calling.

The x-rays are showing hip dislocation/dysplasia.  His right hip is slightly out of place, possibly due to muscles around pulling too tightly.  But also, the top of the femur, the very top that looks like a ball resting into the hip, is not forming properly.  What this means, I am not sure yet.

We do have somewhat of a plan.  Brayden will be scheduled for Botox injections, for both his legs.  This will relax the muscles and we can continue to work on strecthing his legs out.  About a month or so after the Botox, Brayden will see the Physical Medicine Specialist and the Orthopedic Surgeon for an appointment.  More x-rays may be done, look at the results of the Botox, discuss options/prognosis and possibly surgery.

I have no idea why Brayden's bone has not formed properly.  There is discussion about a bone density test being done.  I am not sure what the orthopedic surgeon may need to do.  Still questions.

Brayden does seem to be bothered by his leg.  At first I thought it was because it is the leg that was broken.  But he screams in the car seat, will not lay comfortably on his right side and does not want us messing with that leg.


Anonymous said...

Our little one gets botox injections every three months. The botox has helped hugely in her arms and legs! Our neurolgist does not do anesthesia and so the process is about 5-10 minutes max. Meya does cry on some of the injection sites, but not all. I know it is kind of a heated subject for some to do botox and then whether sedation is needed or not. I do give her tylenol prior to the appointment and I hold her during the injections. It is not for the faint at heart to watch, but I sing to her and try my best to keep her engaged while the neurologist does his part. Anyways... If you have any questions feel free to email me - your Brayden is quite similar to our Meya.


Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Praying the Botox does the trick and surgery is not needed!