Thursday, July 21, 2011

If I don't talk about it, maybe it will go away

Now I am talking about is vomit.
The constant vomiting is back, it is not pretty.  Brayden has been retching violently for several weeks now.  I barely mentioned it to the doctor but called this week with a desperate plea for help.  At first, I thought it could just be a bad spell of the vomiting and it would fade away. 

Well instead of fading it has been coming on stronger.  The retching is loud and a miserable time for Brayden, happening over a dozen times a day.  Anything seems to aggravate it; moving him, giving him meds, flushes, crying, etc.

I do not like to drive in the car with him alone because I cannot get to him fast enough if the vomit starts.  Since he gets nothing in his stomach other than 1 medication, he vomits saliva and stomach juices.  It has to burn.  And lately has been showing some blood.

Last week I was in the GAP with Brayden when a good vomit spell hit.  Oh it was loud and violent (think old poltergeist movies).  At one point I thought we were going to get kicked out of the GAP.

Then this morning, after an early appointment for bloodwork, we headed to Target.  I only needed one thing. I brilliantly decided to carry Brayden instead of lug out the wheelchair.  Carter and Luke taking turns to carry my purse while I carry Brayden and his feeding pump.  We barely make it in the door and Brayden starts to vomit.  It comes rolling out.  On him, on the floor, etc.  Some sweet janitor man of some sorts ran to grab paper towels.  He unrolled and unrolled paper towels to help me.  More paper towels then I could ever use but he was being helpful.  Brayden finally stopped and we got what I needed.  I hopped in the car and inside my purse was more paper towels that the Target worker sent with us.

We tried to give Brayden a "gut rest", kind of break for his system.  Yesterday 6 hours of no food, then 6 hours of Pedialyte.  I woke at midnight to start up stop the Pedialyte and start the food.  The blood work this morning will be checking his pancreas, which tends to be the problem during these vomit problems.  Hopefully we will hear some results tomorrow.  I am trying to avoid a hospital stay.


Stacie said...

We went through this for longer than I care to remember. Naturally every child is different but I will share how we ended up resolving it just in case it persists. A holistic chiropractor worked with us voluntarily and sent blood tests off to look for food allergies we were unable to identify because his fragile body had developed so many. The results named a ridiculous number of common foods which were aggravating his system and he'd developed "leaky gut syndrome." We took it seriously, what a challenge, and eliminated every problem and the vomiting finally stopped. Yes, he had a GI doctor and a medicine regimen to help, barely, but sometimes you still need a professional who thinks outside the box. Good luck.

Shannon said...

Ugh!! I am so sorry the vomiting has returned. I cannot imagine what that must be like for him. Poor boy. :( I hope the blood work gives the doctors some idea why the vomit has returned. I pray for an answer and no hospital stay.

kirstenpetree said...

I am so sorry about this. Layne recently got diagnosed with cyclic vomiting syndrome, because he will go a few weeks without vomiting and then vomit everyday for weeks. Very frustrating.