Monday, October 19, 2009

Oh brother

Here in Northern VA the rain has been around for too long. Long cold, rainy days.
What to do when it is raining?

Movie time.

Luke in his bean bag chair, Brayden in his tomato chair, watching the movie. Actually Brayden could care less about a movie, he just likes to be around his brothers.

Luke trying really hard to watch the movie, wanted Brayden to be quiet. I was in the other room listening to them.

Luke, "Brayden, let's watch the movie. Time to be quiet."

Brayden, "Umm, rahh, rahh," (Or however to spell out his sounds)

Luke, "Brayden, quiet. Time for the movie."

Brayden, "Umm, rahh, rahh."

Brayden, loving that Luke is talking to him, would make more and more sounds back to Luke. Luke continued over and over to tell him to be quiet. The more Luke would talk, trying to get Brayden to be quiet, the more noise/talking Brayden would do. I was laughing to myself and tried to quickly grab the video camera.


Leah said...

i love this one! i especially love that luke knows what brayden is saying....this is why we need to have more children... :)

Unknown said...

Love it! So precious...and great to see the interaction.