Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A visit

Jeremy brought Carter and Luke to the hospital this evening. It was the first time they have been at the hospital with Brayden. Carter and Luke sometimes attend Brayden's doctor visits, they are home when the therapists come to work with Brayden but they have not been a part of Brayden's hospital adventures. You wonder what they will think of it all. Of course, they were completely fine. Carter and his little enquiring mind asked what each machine did and how it helped Brayden. Carter immediately stood up on the chair next to Brayden's bed and gently patted him, saying "Hi Buddy." Luke asked to be picked up and give Brayden a kiss, of which Brayden does not always enjoy but did not mind this time. The boys talked to Brayden, sang some songs, dined in the cafeteria, watched a little TV and did it in 15 minutes.

They miss him and want him to come home. Driving back to the house tonight, Luke sat in the back and whined every couple of minutes (it took us 75 minutes to get home), "I want Daddy and Brayden home." All I could say was, "Me too."

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Debbie said...

One of them is going to end up a neurologist. They are just so precious. Truly.