Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My love hate relationship

I have a love hate relationship in my life. A relationship that started off as an always positive experience but the more and more time I spend with it, the more I cringe when I see it. I am talking about the washing machine.

I love the results of my washing machine. Put in the dirty clothes of my boys, with food, dirt, grass and whose knows what else on it, and out comes clean clothes showing no evidence of the previous mess.

I hate my washing machine. I tell the boys never to use the word hate but I am making an exception for myself. I am spending too much time with the washing machine. It is constantly running. You would think all of the clothes in the house would be smelling fresh and clean but that is not the case. If you lift the lid you would find Brayden's clothes or sheets or chair covers.

In Greek mythology there is a character, Midas, that has the ability to turn everything he touched into gold. If only that were the case here; anything that Brayden touches turns into dirty laundry. Yesterday, he went through three sets of sheets, three outfits, two baths, one seat cover, four towels and one blanket. The smell of the his dirty laundry is too much for my nose to handle so it is immediately placed in the washing machine. It was running non-stop yesterday.

The vomiting has to get under control. I feel terrible for Brayden and what his little body is going through. We will hopefully find a solution soon but for now I am turning my frustration towards the washing machine.

My love hate relationship.

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