Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Workout with Brayden

I am finally taking time to workout.  All of the different types of workouts start off as good ideas...taking Brayden on a walk/jog, then I try to take him around our neighborhood.

Our neighborhood has some serious up and down hills.  Pushing 60ish pounds (Brayden + chair) up lots of gigantic hills, is torture.  And I am determined to not stop.  It is not pretty...arms stretched out, butt sticking straight out and breathing that could border on hyperventilation.

Then you think going downhill is a nice breather but then holding on to 60+ pounds rolling down a hill, leaves you white knuckled, and clenching every muscle in your body.

A couple of miles pushing Brayden is one of the hardest workouts I have done so far.

Brayden could not love it more. Being outside and pushed around, is his happy place...maybe it will be mine soon too but for now, if you see me pushing him up a hill, don't stop to talk because I can't...I am too focused on actually breathing.

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dannette said...

I hear you on pushing a kiddo up a hill! Meya weighs 65 lbs and I would guess her wheelchair to be in the 50 lb range. Best work out ever! She loves it too, so that is a huge plus!