Monday, March 10, 2014

The biggest ever

diaper blow out.

I just needed to document tonight's pictures to scare anyone.  It might have been the worst we have ever seen and for Brayden that is saying a lot.

I went to check on Brayden this evening because he was getting loud.  I barely walked into his room and the smell hit me.

I pulled back the blanket and could see it coming out of the front of his pants and the back; and of course up the shirt.  I immediately called and then texted Jeremy, begging that he was close to home to help.  No answer from Jeremy...did he not want to clean up?!  This epic blowout activated my gag reflex so I was not sure how I could do it on my own.  I cannot recall a time Brayden has made me gag but tonight he did.

As I started to clean up Brayden, Jeremy walked in the door.  And wow, that was a good thing.  This was a two man job.  Well, technically three but Brayden was not helping, he tends to be counterproductive in such situations.

I am always wondering, as sometimes times standing there looking at Brayden, were to start; how to peel off those clothes without spreading it everywhere and making him more miserable.  There really is no way to do it.  Jeremy just dives right in and starts undressing Brayden.

This required wipes, change of clothes, shower, scrub down, hot washing machine, etc.

Jeremy worked on Brayden in the shower, while I worked on the bed.

Brayden was clean inside and out.

I was not expecting such an incident.  We have been battling his constipation that past several weeks since completely coming off the ketogenic diet.  Miralax everyday was not helping, so we had to give him an enema a few times.  This time there was no enema, just his daily dose of Miralax...that worked a little too well.  We need to get him regular but haven't found the best way yet.

For those you who may think this post is gross or inappropriate...well, bowel movements are part of our daily conversations.  It is a big deal (and makes one miserable) if there is not enough or too much.

I know that Brayden will sleep good tonight.

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Anonymous said...

huge poops are always worth celebrating! (although, it doesn't sound like anyone was in a celebration mood after all that clean up!)