Sunday, February 9, 2014

One happy boy with a lot to say

It is always amazes me how my non-verbal boy can still say so much.

It is always amazes me how much my boy can understand what is going on around him.  Don't let those big eyes fool you, he totally knows what is happening.

Like Friday, we told him that we would be heading to Jill's House for the weekend but first he had to go to school.  And he "talked" about it all day.  It seemed like he needed to tell (or brag) to anyone that would listen; he was going to Jill's House.  His sweet little roars of excitement and expression.

Once again, he enjoyed his time at Jill's House.  Time with music, in the pool and seeing the therapy dog (who is becoming his regular buddy and how cute is this dog in the wagon?!).  There was time making crafts and hanging out.
Oh how much I love to go pick him up.  I miss him terribly and when they wheel him out, all I want to do is scoop him up and squeeze him (but I don't because he is not a fan of the squeezing...).  Carter and Luke there to greet him this time.
But what is quickly becoming my favorite part of Brayden's stay, is listening to him "talk" all about it.  He chattered all the way home and then hours after.  He had so much to say about his time.  Full conversation about it.  Each time he has come home from Jill's House he talks and talks.  And I can listen to him for hours!

 B Jills House from Carrie Jenkins on Vimeo.

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The VW's said...

Sounds like great fun, Brayden!