Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Behavior for a Wedding

Taking Brayden to any new environment always seems like a risk...taking him somewhere he needs to be quiet is even more so.

Back in the day we spent many hours and times in Washington DC at events with my father (times when the President was present or times that included media).  Carter and Luke were little but we found that lollipops were the best solution...they would suck on them, keep them occupied and quiet without the rustling of snacks bags, plus they were thrilled to have a treat.  Not that we wanted or needed them to have more sugar but it was like a big kids version of a pacifier.

But now, what to do with Brayden?  He can go from being content to really upset in just a matter of moments and sometimes we have no clue what may set him off and lollipops are not an option.  Most times we have some sort of exit strategy.

Brayden and I were invited to his nurse's wedding.  Oh boy, Brayden at the wedding, we haven't tried this in awhile.

Would you believe he was on his best behavior?!  Smiling and happy, even content to have many complete strangers talk to and touch him.  He was not bothered by the music or the noise of the people.  He was kicking his feet with joy during the music and even made some of his happy noises when he heard his nurse saying her vows.
A little visit with his preschool teacher and aid at the wedding (he may have been worried he was at school).
He knows how to behave, don't let him fool you.

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