Saturday, August 17, 2013

A jeep guy

When I meet Jeremy, he was a jeep guy.  He loved that jeep and it was quite fun (just ask his college friends...on second thought, don't ask...they had too much fun).  We kept that jeep after we got married but with working, starting a family and never driving it, we sold it.  The jeep life is back (well actually it has been back for awhile, I just haven't blogged about it).

The weather in NoVA has been absolutely perfect, like we have to spend every moment outside kind of perfect.  What could be better for a jeep!?
Brayden had not been in the jeep with the top down.  We know he likes the windows down in the car but the top down on the jeep could be sensory overload for him.  We were willing to try and we only had a few miles drive to a local fair.

At first we were all quiet and waiting for his reaction...he loved it, so relaxed.  So after the fair we went for a long country drive.  Brayden was relaxed, closing his eyes, letting the wind blow his hair.
He is a jeep guy, just like his daddy.

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