Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Message shirt

In case you did not know, I am a sucker for message t-shirts.  Actually, I am kind of not a fan of them for Carter and Luke, I don't want them to seem bratty.  But give me a good message shirt for Brayden and I will  put it on him, no problem.

Looking through the racks I came upon this one...SICK GAME...others might not find this shirt funny when your child is actually sick (may be a little "sick" humor, sorry couldn't help it).

I did not purchase the shirt but snapped a picture to send to a friend, asked if I should pick one up for her son that was in the hospital, kidding (she and I have the same kind of humor and can find just about anything to laugh about). Thankfully she found it funny and sent me a picture of this one she found.

I, of course, thought her find was quite funny, especially since a lot of the conversations I have with her include some talk about poop and the need for our child to go.

What are some goodies you have found?!

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