Sunday, May 5, 2013

A little workout

I had to work some things out on Friday.

We had the driveway and part of the road in front our house fixed.  The crew did not start the major work until after I got Brayden on his bus.  Brayden's bus comes to the end of our driveway (very convenient).

However, Brayden could not come home on the bus.  The bus lift opens up right on top of our driveway...not going to work when they are working on it.  And the trucks and equipment were filling the road too much for the bus to get through properly (and Brayden's afternoon bus driver seems a little grouchy and it would have probably upset her).  So I picked Brayden up from school.  It is always fun to see him at school in his environment, outside of home.

Brayden and I arrived home, parked on the street.  I ran into the house to grab his jogger wheelchair,  I wheeled his jogger down the front yard to my car and loaded him in.  We walked down the street to get Carter and Luke from their bus stop.

Oh the walk back up the hill...going down it always seems like a nice walk but the walk back up...our road is a bit steep and it is a work out to push Brayden back up (his 40+ pounds plus the weight of his chair).  Carter and Luke were not much help since they had field day all day at school...lets just say they were need of good food and rest.

We finally made it up the street (sweaty and fussing, but we all made it).  Then we had to figure out how to get Brayden up to the house since we could not use the driveway.  Carter, Luke and I, all pushed Brayden, in his chair, up the front hill (and the picture does not do that hill justice, it is much steeper than it looks, I am not just being a wimp).  The grass was thick and seemed like we were just pushing him into the ground and not up the hill.

We finally made it to the top and inside.

Oh how much I like to pull our car right into the garage.

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