Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Mess

First off, when did we become that family? The family with chaos circling around them. The one that the ER staff has come to know and recognize (I am wondering if we are getting a "special" star on our medical files). The family that needs all kinds of help at any given moment. I feel like when people see our number come up on caller id they are starting to think, "What happened and what do the Jenkins need for help this time."

Having Carter in the hospital last week, Brayden in two ERs in one day, the house is a mess, our schedules are mixed up, laundry is a battle that I do not want to deal with,... Not to mention Brayden has a few already scheduled doctor appointments this week, that leave Carter and Luke with a neighbor yet again. Carter and Luke both have their homework and sports. We had people working at the house this week. Ahhh! Too much stuff.

You know I like control so having our weeks be chaotic and unpredictable is leaving me a mess. I do NOT like mess.

I do not like feeling like a mess. I remember once in college, someone told me that students who dress up (meaning no pajamas or sweats) for class and particularly exams tend to have better grades. To some degree I agree with that. I like to be dressed well for doctor appointments and even hospital stays. I feel more together, more alert and taken more seriously. I realize that this may come across as vain but for me it works.

Brayden ER visit this week is an example. That morning workers were at my house, had to get Carter dressed and off to school, decide where to put Luke, deciding what to do with Brayden, calling 911...all before 7:30 a.m. I was in sweats. Before the EMTs arrived I decided to put on clothes, tossed a scarf around my neck, ponytail for the hair and no time to put in the contacts so I wore my glasses.

Just the fact that I had my glasses on for the entire day, no shower, hair in ponytail...I felt a mess, not like myself and tired. I did not feel put together.

Today, I am off to another appointment for Brayden. Am I put together today? Yup, boots, sweater, accessories, hair blown out, ready to go. Ready to discuss the ketogenic diet and Brayden's weight loss.


Leah said...

i think you look cute. and bookish. meaning smart and well read. dont sell yourself short lady. you have got it WAY more together than most. give yourself a break... :) (all advice ive heard and needed at many times in the past 30 months!)

Mo said...

Ha! Your "mess" day looks tons better than my good day!!

The VW's said...

I was thinking what Mo said! But, I understand....if I have my glasses on all day, it means that I'm it's not a good feeling! Praying things can get back to a more normal for you soon! Hugs!

Courtney said...

i AM always so amazed at how put together and beautiful you look! but,you're right, it does make you feel better!