Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Heavy "Dooty" Champion

Not me...Brayden. It was a February day, about 35 degrees outside. A day for running errands, only three places to go. As we were pulling out of stop #2, Brayden went #2. We pulled up to our final stop. Opened the doors for some fresh air and headed for Brayden to assess the damage from his diaper.
Has anyone seen that dreadful Luvs diaper commercial (I cannot believe this commercial made it to air, I first thought it was a joke)? The commercial is a cartoon of babies in a contest...a contest for the biggest diaper blowout, called the Heavy Dooty Championship. This day was a day that Brayden would have won. No diaper would have contained this mess. A diaper blowout, not one piece of clothing was clean; a blanket was marked and the car lingered with the smell. Brayden's nurse, bravely tackled the clean up.
I usually have a basket in the back of the car with supplies: diapers, wipes, clothing, tubes,... I did not have a change of clothes. Brayden was back in the car seat in only a diaper. You can tell he was thrilled.
He was embracing his championship title, wishing it happened on a warmer day.


kirstenpetree said...

I have seen that commercial! I hate it when you are unprepared and something like that happens, which it seems it always does!!

This is unrelated, but have you looked into the special tomato carseat? I works wonderfully for Layne and I bet it would for Brayden as well.

April said...

Oh the poor guy :) We can relate to super duper diapers!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Oh my! I thought that commercial was a bit much myself! Poor Brayden does not look happy. Why do these things alway seem to happen when you are unprepared? Been there done that! Ugh!

Debbie said...

that has happened to Hudson and I many, many fact it is always the worst timing, no change of clothes, 1 wipe left instances that leaves me sweated, stinky, and leaves Hudson naked in a diaper!

You are definitely not alone on this one!!!!

The VW's said...

Nothing ruins a day of errands like a diaper blow-out can! I feel for you! Great job Brayden on your championship! :)

Anonymous said...

Do you think, that it is in Braydens interest to describe bodily functions an their consequences to the whole world ? Would he - if he is able to decide - post such details? I think he wouldn't let this message print to the daily newspaper in your city and in the case of the www billion of people can read this.
Greetings from Germany and all the best to Brayden