Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why all the crying?

For the past week or so Brayden has not been happy. He would be calm and then burst out with a scream/cry. Inconsolable at times. We tried so many things to help him.

One afternoon after many attempts at consoling him, we rolled him outside to "play" with Carter and Luke. He fussed still. He only stopped when they pushed him around for a congo line.
They stopped, he started crying again. So congo line again!
We were at the doctor this week for Carter. Asked to see Brayden's doctor while we were there. Describing he was miserable and we did not know what to do for him. Could he be sick? We checked typical symptoms at fever, etc.

After unsuccessful attempts at getting bloodwork and urine, they sent him for a kidney ultrasound...looking for possible kidney stones (we have been waiting for an ultrasound for this anyway). He does have one kidney stone in his kidney, which should not be causing him pain.
Then last night, I am changing his diaper. It looks like a kidney stone. He passed one. I have it in a ziploc bag. Not really sure what we are supposed to do now but I have phone calls into the doctor.


Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Poor little man! My husband had a kidney stone and it was the worst pain he has ever experienced (even worse than his back surgery). We have had our share of cranky days around here. Don't you just wish they could tell us what is going on?

the deKorne family said...

Oh poor baby!!! That is horrible pain. Mark had one and every time I was in labor told me it wasn't that bad because he knew what I was going through. :) what PRECIOUS brothers to congo line for him to help. So sweet.