Tuesday, June 15, 2010

If the shoe fits...

Brayden's AFOs. I am not a fan. Brayden does not mind them at all, in fact I do not think he even notices them. I worry about how they look and what awful shoes we have to get that will fit those braces.
I like for shoes to match the clothes. Yes my boys have several options for shoes. Trying to find one option for Brayden was a challenge.
I searched for shoes that would fit. I found some, they are a perfect fit and do not look too bad. Would you believe the shoe is called the Brayden by Stride Rite!?
How do we handle AFOs in the summer? It seems so hot to have on big socks, the AFOs and shoes.


Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

I feel your pain! I have SUCH a hard time finding shoes for Emily. As a matter of fact, I have yet to find any. She just wears her AFO's with socks and that is it. I just have a hard time paying $60 for a pair of shoes that will never touch the ground. I am cheap, I know. I do need to find something for when she goes to school in the fall, so I am guess I am going to have to get over my cheapskate ways.

By the way, I love the shoes and the fact that they are called Brayden!

The VW's said...

I am a huge "match your shoes to your outfit kind of mom" as well!

I am also bad about having Gavin wear his AFO's. I suppose it's because he hates them so much and also because there is really no hope for him walking ever.

In the summer, when it is hot, I especially don't put them on Gavin. Maybe I'm too lax about this, but I just weigh the cons and the pros and the happiness of Gavin usually wins out.

I think the shoes that you picked out are great! They are quite neutral and cool looking too! And, the fact that they are named "Brayden".....that is perfect! Hugs!!!

Mo said...

It's even more of sore subject when you want to dress up your little girl and the only shoes she has are her pink tennis shoes that fit over braces. A girly dress for last weekend's wedding worn with every day tennis shoes...kinda sucks.

Shannon said...

I agree that dresses with sneakers is not a good look. We tend to have Wavey wear her AFOs in the house with socks in the summer. When we go out, she just wears her sandals. It is too hot for orthotics and her feet swell in the heat causing irritation.

Lesley said...

Half the time on and half the time off, depending if my girl is going in her stander or not. She needs them for standing, but while lying around or in the stroller-off they come. So we have some sandals and smaller light-weight sneakers for the off times and then the heavier sneaker for the on times.