Thursday, December 10, 2009

Keto Diet

We are heading downtown to Children's for the morning. Brayden will be evaluated by several people to see if he is a good candidate for the ketogenic diet.

We have talked with most of Brayden's doctors about this one is sure if it is good to try or not.

The diet is a huge undertaking. It requires 3-5 day hospital stay to get it started and then constant monitoring after that.

I have lots of questions. I have not met anyone yet with a kiddo that has a G-J tube that has been on the diet so I have no idea how it would work for Brayden.

Pray that we will find some answers today or a clear decision about whether or not to do the diet.


MrsFought said...

praying that you will get the answers you need!!! please keep us updated :)

kirstenpetree said...

Layne is on the keto diet! The diet and Keppra is what has made him seizure free(and prayer of course!). So if the doctors think it's a good idea I say go for it! It is strange at first and a little overwhelming but you get the hang of it fast and it just becomes normal just like anything else we deal with having these kiddos!

Beth Demorest said...

we are praying! that would be wonderful if it could help out with this seizures!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

It would be wonderful if a diet change could help to keep the seizures under control. It sounds like a bit of work, but I hope that the results are good. I pray that you guys will have wisdom as you weigh the options and make this decision.