Thursday, December 31, 2009

Did I mention head size?

After Brayden was born, one of the biggest clues that things were not quite right was the size of his head. His head was little, not even on the chart, little.

The doctor asked, "Your other two children, did they have large or small heads?"

Me, "Their heads are big...really big."

Case in point: the boys needed helmets for their new ATVs. We headed to the store this week. We tried on the Youth Small, then the Youth Medium...not even close. Then the Youth Large and Youth XL, not even budging. They ended up with Adult helmets for their big heads.

Do they look like bobble heads with their skinny little bodies and giant heads (with the helmets)!?


The VW's said...

Cute picture!!! How are they going to hold those helmets up?!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

OK, those helmets look HUGE. You will know that their heads are safe in those things! haha The boys look adorable in this picture.

Emily has a really tiny head too. She has chubby cheeks and a TON of hair so you would never know it, but underneath all that hair is a tiny little head.