Monday, April 13, 2009

Where wishes come true

We are back from our first trip to Disney World. The car ride was long but everyone did great. Each day was magical and more fun than we expected.

My concern before going to Florida was for us to do things as a family. Amazingly, Brayden was able to join us on many rides. We were given a special handicap pass. This pass allowed us to go to a different entrance with no line and get right on the ride. We were a bit worried that the rides would be to much stimulation for Brayden but he seemed to do fine. Although there was no spinning on the tea cups.

Brayden got his first official real haircut in the Disney World's Barber Shop. Brayden's hair has only been cut by Jeremy and me attempting to hold him, let just say it is not fun. Jeremy entered the barber shop and asked if they would be up for cutting Brayden's hair. They were up for the challenge. Jeremy held Brayden and off the lady went! Brayden screamed and used every bit of his strength to make it stop but they finished. The haircut was great, even and with a little fade in the back. As part of the first haircut he received a little ear hat and the back says first haircut.

We had an amazing time. Brayden did really well. He rarely fussed and really did just go along for the ride. For more photos of the family trip check out our family blog.


Shannon said...

I LOVE the photo of Brayden in the mouse ears and he looks so grown up in the close up where he is wearing a red tee. You all look like you had a wonderful time. I thrilled that you were able to have fun family time and Brayden was able to join in for some many of the rides. I am seriously crying with happiness for you all. Great memories!!

Courtney said...

yes, brayden really does look so old in that picture with the red shirt on. SO glad you all had such a nice time!!!

Unknown said...

Brayden looks completely grown up with the hair cut. I know we love doing Disney with Regan....they are really fabulous if you have a disabled child, and we are looking forward to our next trip there (hopefully next March)

Tracy in MKE said...

You have such a beautiful family and I am so happy you got to do this together. I read the stories here and on your family blog, and really enjoyed them. Brayden is such a little hero in my book, and his big brothers are too. How brave of Mommy and Daddy to do this trip, and I'm so thrilled it worked out well.