Friday, April 3, 2009

Packing up and Heading out

Heading out - Brayden's snot. He is doing better. He sounds better. However the drainage is still an issue for him, still causing him to vomit. The vomit has been burning his skin (something we have dealt with in the past). This morning his was crying in pain from his skin burning. Thankfully we already have the burn cream and that seems to provide some comfort.

Packing up and heading out - we are leaving for Disney World. Who knew this day would actually come?! The boys have been counting down the days...not so patiently. I finally made a countdown to Disney calendar. This trip will be memory making. We are driving to Florida. Please pray for our safe travels and patience for everyone in the car! We are staying at my parents timeshare in Orlando.

I have been in full on planning mode this week. I have lists all over the house, making sure I do not forget a thing. I have talked to anyone and everyone about their trips to Disney. I talked to a mom who has a son in wheelchair about how we can get the handicap accessible pass for Brayden.

I know that going on rides is not something that will thrill Brayden (although he does enjoy elevators, the older the better), however this is a family vacation. I want to do things as a family. So many times, Jeremy and I split up. One of us with Carter and Luke and one waiting with Brayden. I want us to experience as much as we can together.

Any Disney tips would be greatly appreciated as well as prayer for the trip!


Leah said...

i dont have a disney tip - but i want to wish you safe travels! have so much fun you brave woman!!!

the deKorne family said...

so excited for you! we will be praying for you...i hope you can really enjoy your time! We are driving to Texas tomorrow too, so I will pray for your patience as mine is tested. :) can't wait to hear about it!

Shannon said...

Have a WONDERFUL time!! The kids are going to love it. Brayden is going to be enamored by all of the lights, I'm sure. Disney does a great job in assisting kids with special needs. And you maybe surprised by the number of "rides" Brayden can go on that the older boys will still enjoy. I can't wait for photos and stories. Safe travels!

Anonymous said...

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