Sunday, August 31, 2008

One year ago today

AUG 31
One year ago today we sat in Children’s Hospital waiting for Brayden’s MRI. The test of all his tests. The test that showed us in black and white that Brayden’s brain was extremely abnormal. Before the test, we hoped his brain was well developed. We had fuzzy ultrasound pictures that showed some problems but maybe he had a chance at leading a somewhat normal life, of course with some limitations. The test showed us otherwise. The test results came. The doctor gave the awkward pause and then the hard to hear explanation of the findings. Brayden’s brain did not develop is several areas, some parts he is completely missing…

One year ago today, Brayden was a newborn with developmental milestones to be reached. One year later, we are still striving for developmental milestones, creating our own milestones and celebrating any milestone that comes Brayden’s way.

One year ago today, we had the test of all tests. Not realizing that each day of Brayden’s life would continue to be a test. A test in understanding, trust, hope, patience and love.

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