Sunday, May 14, 2017

For the love of football

A day in DC for spring football.  And it happened to be Mother's Day. We were determined to make it a family day (forced-family-fun).

Brayden decided to have a breathing episode on the way to the game.  A quick Chinese-fire-drill so momma could sit in the back to monitor Brayden's breathing and hook him up to oxygen.

Game time and Brayden was entertained by the throw-back 95.5, 1990s music (Let me clear my throat...).

Game was won but Carter was crushed, literally.  A play gone wrong, he landed on a player's helmet and then the biggest kid on the field (possibly 3x the size of carter) landed on him.  Hip injury, trip to ER and thankfully a hip contusion (not a break). 

Nothing but fun and Mother's Day lunch from the concession stand.

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