Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Waiting Game

Apparently the Waiting Game is the game in which we must be participatory.

The last couple of days have just been filled with waiting.
Waiting for rounds
Waiting for labs
Waiting for ostomy output
Waiting for a wet diaper
Waiting for increase in feeds and water

Waiting and watching.  Brayden's electrolytes continue to be the problem.  He has been looking good and acting much more like himself.  No problem making himself comfortable in bed.
In the down time of waiting, physical therapy came by as well as the doctors from Physical Medicine and Rehab.  We talked about positioning and equipment.

I may have decided Brayden need a bit more than just a wipe down, so I gave him a good bed bath, soap filled shower cap and all.  He was thrilled.
Jeremy and I also got a little training in taking care of the ileostomy.  Emptying it, cleaning, removing, placing, etc.  Oh it is nothing but see part of your child's organ hanging out.
Jeremy and I have been swapping back and forth for hospital time and home time.

I was at the hospital last night and had a great visit with the fabulous Aunt Tammy, who happened to be in town for a brief business trip.


Leslie Boulanger said...

hope this young fellow does well with this ostomy

Richard L. Crowson said...

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