Wednesday, November 11, 2015

On Hospital Time

Which might be the slowest time ever.

Brayden was admitted last night.  After quite the hellacious admitting process.  We were told to call first thing Tuesday morning to start the admission.  I called and was told to call back around lunch time.  So I did, then I was told to call around 3:00.  I did, they said a bed was still not open yet but if we started heading down then one should be ready by the time we arrived.  Jeremy and Brayden hit the road around 4:00, which means DC rush hour traffic in the rain, lovely.  They finally arrived, headed for the admissions office and were told that a bed was not available and it was not looking promising.  Jeremy pushed, just like I was pushing all day with every person I talked to.  An hour went by, still no room and no promise of a room.  The admission nurse even thought we were still at no.

Brayden needed to be admitted early to start the clean out of his bowels.  It needs to be cleaned out for the surgery on Thursday.  Seven o'clock in the evening, on Tuesday, and still no room, is not how we want to start.  And we do not want the surgery to be delayed.

I called the GI doctor on call.  Oh-so-thankfully (for real) the doctor on call was a fantastic GI doctor that has overseen Brayden's care the past couple of times.  He is so kind and genuine about the care of his patients.  He knew why Brayden was coming in (because he discharged Brayden last time), I explained the surgery time, the clean out time and still no room.  I hung up with him, he made some phone calls, and about an hour later Brayden had a room.

Brayden has a room.  But the late admission pushed Brayden too much.  It was getting past the point of him needing his seizure meds.  And in hospital time, medications needs to be entered during his admission, wait on the pharmacy, deliver to the floor...Brayden could not wait and his seizures were becoming a problem.  Ativan was given while his regular medications were being set up.

IV time, lovely nurses every where but Brayden is a hard stick.  We have learned to politely declined the nurses trying and immediately request the IV team (which we now know well from infusions and hospital time). 

Brayden's blood work was done.  Unfortunately, his numbers, particularly his potassium, do not look good.  No surprise.  But he cannot start the clean out process until his numbers are closer to normal range.

Another IV was done.  One for medications (and to pump in the potassium) and one for fluids.

A long night for a start of some long days.

There is something about hospital time that is incredibly draining.

Pray that Brayden's body will be in the best possible condition for surgery on Thursday.  Pray that he is comfortable in the hospital.  Pray that the surgery will take place soon and that his body will be ready.  Pray for Jeremy and I as we are going in to this so incredibly exhausted (there needs to be a word that goes beyond exhausted).  Pray for Carter and Luke, Jeremy and I are trying to be present for them, while one of our bodies might be there, I am not sure our minds are quite there.


Karen said...

You're all in my prayers!
Love you-

Anonymous said...

Oh how we know hospital time too! Prayers that things have gone well and that Brayden and all of you are hanging in there. I too agree that we need a word that goes beyond the word exhausted! Prayers for your sweet boy and all of you!