Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Brayden's surgery is set

On Monday, we sat down with the surgeon to discuss the plans.

Brayden will be admitted to Children's hospital on Nov 10 with a surgery scheduled for the Nov 12.

It has been decided that Brayden will get the surgery for an ileostomy and to have his colon removed.  The ileostomy is much needed since we have not been able to get the stool out of him with out a lot of difficulty for many months.  He will also have his colon removed to deter from any future complications that could happen since he also has a redundant colon (an extra curve/loop in his colon).

Brayden will be admitted a couple of days before the surgery so he can be cleaned out (get out all of the poop).  This is not something they are comfortable us doing at home since he does not respond well to any clean out and he needs to be closely monitored.
  • A couple of days for clean out.
  • Surgery 2ish hours.
  • A few days for the ileostomy to heal.
  • Then food, through his j-tube, will start.
  • Watch the output from the ileostomy, which is a concern since there will not be much space from the j-tube to the ileostomy for things to be absorbed that there will be "dumping" to much out and they will have to closely watch it and make adjustments to his feeding.
As the surgeon kept talking he was pushing the days in the hospital to more and more.  Jeremy and I are guessing 10-12 days so anything less than that would be great.

Pray that Brayden is stable enough until then.  He has some really rough days.  Last night was bad, unbelievable amount of retching and seizures, poor breathing, high heart rate.  It was a long night.

We are trying to get our house back together since the house fire.  There is just so much stuff to do and so many things missing.  We did get Brayden's room set up and he is so comfortable back in his room.

So many things at once.


Anonymous said...

We will be praying for Brayden, his medical team and all of you who love him

Anonymous said...

Asking God to oversee all the details of his surgery and praying for stamina for you and your family.
Donna D.