Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Back to School, a couple of weeks late

But he finally made it.

Much like Carter and Luke, I think he was ready to go to school...get away from all our chaos, mom dragging him around for all kinds of house stuff, doctors, hospital and tests.  School sounds like a better choice.

Of course I attempted to take pictures but the little stinker would not acknowledge me or even bother to open his eyes.

Since our actual home is not ready yet, we are still in the temporary house where a bus cannot pick up Brayden (being on a busy road and driveway is a long gravel path).  I am taking him to and from school.  Brayden's school days/times are adjusted until we can get back home.  Basically I will get him to school when I can get him to school, attempting to make that happen three times week.  We also adjusted his hours to be shorter for a while since his school is not in our direct community and I need to get Carter and Luke to/from their schools/buses. 

Oh and Brayden's motility problems seem to interfere with school (and all other activities) so we are trying to factor that in as well...

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