Thursday, May 14, 2015

New Wheels

When Brayden's current wheelchair arrived, I was not happy.  I did not like the way it looked and I did not like how crazy heavy it is.  We needed something to use while out and about and around the house.  The big wheelchair is used for school and riding the bus.
We ordered a Convaid Rodeo, which has options for support, tilt, canopy, folding, etc.  It finally arrived and they came to school to make the proper adjustments.  So far it seems like it will be a great fit for Brayden...and a great fit in the back of my car (the big wheelchair doesn't break down much and I have to fold down the seats in the back of our Denali XL to put it in, it is just that big).

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Anonymous said...

i have a student with the same chair - his family loves it! i'm sure you will too. it's nice to have a back-up chair (with bus-safe tie downs) in case his regular chair needs to be repaired!