Tuesday, May 5, 2015

How much info do they really want?!

We are still working on Brayden's GI motility.  I am trying to prep for a meeting with the motility clinic in DC and working on Brayden's full medical history for the motility clinic in Ohio.

I plan to send over a summary of Brayden's GI troubles and a few pages from Brayden's current GI doctor (that has helped us make lots of decisions over the years) to the doctor in the motility clinic at Children's National in DC.  But I received a packet to complete for the clinic.  It started off pretty simple, demographics, medications, etc.  Then it came to the boxes for hospitalizations and surgeries. 
Seriously, three boxes for hospitalizations and two lines for surgeries...there are too many to list and may be obnoxious to attach all of it.
So I attached a short list, in categories:
g-tube, g-j tube, j-tube
Upper GI studies and scopes
Chronic vomiting/pancreatitis
MRIs for brain
Tonsils and adenoids removed
Ortho - multiple for legs/feet

As for the number of hospitalizations...I have no clue, I stopped counting a long time ago (to overwhelming to really know the number).

I did send a text to a friend whose son has had over 70 MRIs (and that doesn't count all of the other stuff)...wondering how and if she would even bother to fill out such a section.

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