Sunday, February 1, 2015

A weekend at Jill's House

Brayden's weekend at Jill's House finally arrived.  It amazes me that every time he arrives, he knows exactly where he is and he is immediately peaceful (and he is only going there every 3-4 months).

Thankfully for this drop off I had Carter has my helper.  Every time we arrive with more gear.  This time we added the Bi-pap them a try with it and let me know what/how he does with the mask on during the night.

We unloaded all of the gear and proceeded to a room to prep Brayden for bedtime.  The first evening is so busy for the nurses (they check in all of the kids, medical papers and gear) and Brayden's bedtime medical needs are very time consuming, so I stay to do all of his night time medications and procedures, per their request.

We always see familiar faces and love the nurse there.  A nurse new to Brayden was part of the check-in...and as one of the veteran nurses said, "Brayden looks really high maintenance on paper but once you get the hang out you realize it is not too hard."  Thankfully they are comfortable with Brayden's needs.  And Brayden is sure comfortable to be there.

After kissing Brayden good night, Carter and I joined other parents for dinner in a nearby room.  Hearing their stories and about their children (even a family from a country that doesn't acknowledge much about special needs kids or even value them).  Such wonderful families and kiddos, with stories all of their own.  We are all so blessed to be a part of the Jill's House community.

Brayden had another great weekend there.  Time in the pool.  Time in a sensory room filled with fancy lights.  Time listening to music.  All of his favorite things.  And of course getting pampered to his liking (apparently getting a leg/foot massage was a new favorite).

I truly delight in picking him up at the end of the weekend.  My heart could burst with joy when I see them wheel him around the corner and I first lay my eyes on him.  Every time he looks older.  And every time he looks so peaceful.

But the best part is driving him home.  He talks about his weekend, he wants us to know all about it.  Most days at home, he is a very quiet kid (except for crying and being upset).  We do not get a lot of happy noises out of him.  Here he is telling me all about his time at Jill's House (his face may look a little mad but that is his face when he is really trying hard to "talk" to us).  He "talked" there entire way home.

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