Friday, December 19, 2014

Delivery Day

The day to deliver all of the toys!  When renting the U-Haul, I did not think about the fact that it only has two front seats.  Thankfully Luke had his class holiday party so he was not too upset about staying at school.  Carter was my helper for the day.

I called the hospital to give them a bit of a heads up...we had a lot of toys.  Their cute little carts that deliver flowers to the patients were not going to cut it this time.  I told the hospital staff to be on the look out for the big obnoxious U-Haul.
We arrived and they were ready, big charts.  It was a task to unload everything in the freezing cold and wind.  But we got it done.  Now those toys will help bring a smile to a child's face (and to their parent's heart).  Thank you to everyone that helped us this year! 

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