Wednesday, July 25, 2012

to Malawi

Brayden's old AFOs (braces for the ankle and foot) are now a good fit for little girl in Malawi.

Brayden's physical therapist spends her summers in Malawi helping many people.  We were able to send some of Brayden's old braces with her, in case they could work for a child.

I received an email this week from the physical therapist.
The other day, a little girl came into the clinic to get her medicine for HIV/AIDS. The doctor noticed that the she couldn't walk and asked me to provide physical therapy for the child. We worked together during the morning, and Brayden's old AFO's fit her perfectly. I think she has cerebral palsy from having severe malaria as a child (not from HIV). 

I wanted to thank did you know that there would be a little girl half way across the world who needed those braces:) Very awesome. I am very grateful.
How beautiful is this little girl and how precious that Brayden could help her in some way.


Junior said...

so special, truly amazing

Anonymous said...

So cool!