Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A little fun for Brayden

Brayden did enjoy his time at the beach (but hated to put sunscreen on).  Loved to sleep under the umbrella and did quite well catching waves.  Jeremy would sit on a boogie board and hold Brayden is in lap, letting gentle waves roll up and get Brayden wet.  Sometimes it would take Brayden a few waves to like it but then he would settle in.
We would take Brayden for walks on the beach and collected lots of shells (courtesty of his brothers).
Brayden did NOT enjoy our evenings out.  Dinner, to minature golf and usually ice cream.  Most evenings, Brayden did not even make it through dinner.  One evening, Brayden went into an awful seizure.  It went on for 20+ minutes.  And I had taken his emergency medication out of the car because it was over 100 degrees heat.  Shortly after the food was ordered, Jeremy dashed out to the car to drive back and get his medication from the condo.  A few minutes after Jeremy left, Brayden came out of the seizure.  I called Jeremy to come back to the restaurant and he made it back in time for the food.  For the most part Brayden's seizures were under control for the vacation.

Brayden did hang out with his great-grandpa while we played some minature golf.  Thankfully he was pretty well behaved for him.

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K said...

LOVE the family pic!! You should frame it!!!