Friday, December 23, 2011

Special Delivery

WOW!  We delivered all the toys and gifts to Inova Fairfax.  The back of a van, with the seats folded down, filled with all the donations that we were able to collect.
At home, we tried to sort them a bit (Carter and Luke loved doing that part).  Then carried them all from the basement to the garage.
A drive to Fairfax (with my parents driving down too, so we could fill up their van).  Once we arrived, I am not sure the staff realized that amount of toys that were spilling out of the van.
Several trips with the carts, and the toys were all in the hospital. 

How will the toys be used?  Children at the hospital over the Christmas weekend will have the opportunity for presents.  Other toys maybe used for the Child Life play room.  Remainder of the toys will be put away to give out at birthdays, in the ER, radiology and other inpatient circumstances.

Thank you to all those who donated.  It was amazing to pull up to the hospital and give so many toys!


Heather said...

Amazing! I am sure the staff at IFHC was speechless. What a wonderful way to bless so many children (and their families).

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a tremendous volunteer effort! Many children are benefitting from you generosity!

Blessed Merry Christmas!


Shannon said...

This is so wonderful, Carrie!! Well done!!