Monday, December 19, 2011

How my weekends are not so typical

Just for example this weekend:

While at the Jenkins Restorations Christmas dinner, my family (parents, sister, brother, etc.) are at my house watching the kids.  They called my cell phone several times but I did not hear it because, well, we were at a Christmas dinner and it was loud.  They called Jeremy's phone.  Before he even handed me the phone, I could see from his face that there was a crisis.  I grabbed the phone and tried to find a quiet place.  Brayden's feeding tube was accidentally pulled out, all the way out.  They were panicked.  I tried to remain calm and talk them through putting it back in.  They are all on speaker phone, I am trying to hear them over the party.  I am shouting out where to find things and directions on what to do...just as someone says "Let's pray" to start to Jenkins Christmas dinner.  Someone starts to pray for the dinner and I am still shouting on the phone...I dash out, in the cold, to a little portico so I can finish telling them how to put in the tube back in, knowing that they are looking at a big whole right into Brayden's body.  I talk them through it, tube was back in and Brayden was in bed. 

At church for Carter's performance in the Children's choir.  I try to position myself close to the front so I can see him, he can see me and I can take some pictures.  Jeremy is with Luke at his wrestling tournament so I have Brayden.  Brayden and I are in the second row of a room that seats about 900? people.  I felt like Brayden's wheelchair is sticking out in the isle too much and just in the way.  Brayden starts acting up, fussing.  He starts kicking his chair making noise.  Then the crying starts, I am trying to get out of the front as quickly as possible without causing a scene...too late.  I do NOT want to be a distraction.  A wheel on his wheelchair is stuck in my chair, as I am trying to get it out, my purse falls off my arm and things fall out.  As I am trying to pick up my purse it is caught on the bottown of his wheelchair (wondering if my bum was right up there for all to see as I am bending down to pull my purse loose).  I finally turn Brayden around to head out of the sanctuary and a pastor says, "Let's pray".  That is Brayden's cue to cry some more.  I keep rolling him out but when the pastor started to pray everyone close their eyes and stopped where they were...some right in the aisle.  I had to ask a couple of people to move.  I rolled Brayden out to the foyer, he turned from crying to screaming.  I watched the children's choir on the monitor.  I may have also left Brayden in the foyer crying just so I could sneak in the sanctuary for a picture or two.  (I did have a couple of people offer to watch Brayden but I did not feel comfortable leaving him with someone when he was sooo unhappy).  This is why we sit in the back...way back.

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The VW's said...

I feel for you! Sometimes I get so embarassed when we are out, because of all the chaos we bring along with us.....but then I figure we must be so interesting to watch, that people just feel like they are watching a reality television show.....and probably enjoying every minute of it! :) Hugs!!!