Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Birthday Festivities

Brayden's 2nd birthday was April 17.

On his actual birthday we were with some family for dinner. Luke was quite perplexed about the party. He thought Brayden's party should be on the day of his actual birthday. So Carter, Luke and I went to the store to pick out a cake.

This past weekend we had the party.
Could you guess the theme?

Turtles. How did you know?

Family and a few close friends joined us on a hot April day in the 90s. We loaded up on food and fun. The kids bounced in the most adorable moonbounce.

Brayden was not too sure about all of the commotion or singing happy birthday.

We attempted a family photo at the end of the party. Everyone a bit done from the day.

And Brayden was wiped out.


Tracy in MKE said...

Happy Birthday Brayden... you are such a little champ!

Keri said...

Wow, how fast they grow. He seems to have grown so much since I first started following his beautiful story. Happy Birthday Brayden!

BTW, love the photos. Especially the one of your gorgeous family!

Andrea said...

Those cakes are making me hungry. =) We love Brayden and think you and Jeremy are doing a great job as parents and Carter and Luke are awesome brothers!