Friday, April 17, 2009

It is his 2nd Birthday! part 1

Today is Brayden's Birthday. Today he is 2 years old.

I have to break this birthday post into parts. With birthdays come a time for celebration and reflection, so this post is going to be about the celebration of Brayden's life. All the good things.

Brayden is a sweet boy. Our little turtle that moves at his own pace, is two years old. He is taking his time, revealing what is under his shell little by little...

Brayden's life has been a bit hectic but we are starting to get the hang of things. Here is a little about our little turtle.

Brayden's life:
  • Sleeps well and always has, although napping has never been part of his day. When he feels the need to sleep during the day he tends to take a cat nap no matter where he is that moment. When in bed he finds the exact same spot in his crib, there is even a dent in the crib bumper where he places his head. After being on vacation last week and being in a pac-n-play, the moment we got home I put him in his crib. I went to the bathroom to get his medicines ready and when I came back he was already in his place sound asleep.

  • Eating is not much a part of his life. The past month we were able to give him tastes of some baby food and he could not get enough. He loved it! However the doctor said enough. Since the vomiting has returned the baby food has not. He is still feed by his J-tube of his G-J tube for about 16-18 hours a day.

  • Playing is something he is learning to do. Brayden loves to be around other people. He likes the noise of his brothers playing in the same room. Brayden enjoys looking at objects that sparkly or reflective. He prefers things that are red or pink. His looking lasts about 3-5 seconds, takes a break and then tries to find it again. The toys he enjoys the most are ones that have simple lights and/or sound. How do we know what he likes? His eyes get bigger or he gets still, trying to make sense of it, or he tries to play with it by moving his arms to try and find it. Every once is a while you can see his little hand stroking whatever toy maybe in his lap.

  • Brayden loves music. In particular he likes some of the boy's pirate songs (courtesy of a friends birthday party). When these songs play in the car, he makes some noises like he is singing along. Every evening for bedtime, he listens to a Baby Einstein CD. This CD travels with us and goes for hospital stays for a familiar sound.

  • Speaking of noises...Brayden is able to vocalize his needs. He cries when uncomfortable or overwhelmed. He fusses when he is grouchy. He talks, in his own way, when he feels the need. His talking sounds like little lion roars.

  • Cuddling is his favorite past time these days. A year ago, he was not easy to hold. He was so tight and would fight being held. Now he calls out, in a fake cry, when he wants to be held. Every evening Jeremy comes home from work, walks in the door and Brayden cries. Why does Brayden cry? He knows that daddy will pick him up and they will cuddle on the couch. Problem; then Brayden fusses when put into bed because he was much happier in his daddy's arms.

  • Movement is something that Brayden is discovering. He cannot sit up or hold his head. His body operates on two separate sides (because of the ACC). Some how he is still able to wiggle into his spot in the crib. He kicks his legs when excited, mad or stinky. Just in the past couple of weeks he has really been going crazy with his arms. So much so that one time I thought it was a seizure. He was just moving and shaking so much.

  • He is left sided. What? Brayden's left side works best for him. He moves and uses his left hand much more than his right. He always leans to his left. He works around whatever he is sitting in to be able to lean to his left. He kicks more with his left leg.

  • Bath time is always a highlight in Brayden's day. He loves the bath. If he gets really relaxed then he may fall asleep in the tub. For bathing we have a special chair and put a pad on top for extra comfort! But when the bath is over, he is not happy. Take him out of the tub and he is mad. Getting dressed is not something he enjoys either (you would think he might get used to it since it happens all the time!).

  • Brayden is preparing for special education preschool in the fall. So this year of being a 2 year old will come with some big changes for him.

Brayden is a gift from the Lord.

He is no longer a baby but a toddler. A toddler on his own path. A path that only the Lord knows.

Happy Birthday!


Leah said...

Happy Birthday Brayden! You are a gift to many, many people!

K said...

Happy Happy Birthday 2 year old!!! Have a great day celebrating with your big brothers and your family!!! Hugs and Kisses from Thailand!!!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Braden! I know you will get some extra cuddling time in today, and know that people everywhere are thinking of you.

Shannon said...

Happy 2nd Birthday, Brayden!! Carrie, your post was beautiful. You are an amazing writer and mom.

Courtney said...

i loved reading that post! happy birthday, brayden!!! you are such a special boy!!!

the deKorne family said...

Happy Birthday sweet Brayden! I can't wait to meet him...he is so precious-and so blessed to have been given to such a wonderful family.

Tracy in MKE said...

Happy Birthday Brayden! I have been following your blog for several months now, and love to hear about all your new experiences.

Andrea said...

Happy belated birthday, Brayden!! We love you!

Keri said...

A belated but very Happy Birthday wish to Brayden! He is absolutely adorable. Reminds me of my Logan is so many ways. Definitely a precious gift!