Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Brayden in ICU

Brayden is in the PICU at Children’s National. 

Currently treating him as hypothermic and sepsis. Struggling with his body temperature, he has been around 90 degrees in the last 24 hours. He has been incredibly lethargic, scary lethargic.

It all seem to start last week.  Brayden started retching (very violent retching). But it was not happening consistently…until last Wednesday morning. The retching was out of control and bloody. Brayden’s body temperature was very low.

We headed to his pediatrician (who has been in contact with Brayden’s specialists at Children’s).  Brayden’s temp was reading around 90 degrees.  We did lots of things to warm him.  And needed blood work, which was an impossible task but they finally got it.  Brayden also had a chest x-ray, while there he proceeded to retch and retch lots of brown, old, blood.

Nothing significant came from the blood work.

We headed home and put Brayden on a bit of a gut rest.  Also needed to deal with the increase of seizures, most likely from his GI and temperature troubles. No food via j-tube. Only Pedialyte and water.  Then over the next few days we worked back to his normal food, at a slower rate.

He had been acting a bit under the weather over the weekend but nothing to terrible.

Then the last couple of days Brayden seem to go in to hibernation. Really low body temp, deep asleep (almost unresponsive). And looking yellow.

We could not get his temperature up.  So we headed to the Children's ER this morning.

The ER doctors looked for obvious signs of infection but nothing found quite yet.  And made every attempt to warm him. Lots and lots of fluids (given hot through his IV).  Again, lots and lots of fluids via IV. A warming blanket and light. Not much increase in his temp.  He has been around 91 degrees all day. Did an ultrasound of his gall bladder and liver. Chest x-ray was done as well.

Brayden’s neurologist, and team, stopped by the ER.  As well as Brayden’s GI doctor.  Always so grateful to see their familiar faces and have them talk with the ER doctors.
All seemed to agree we needed to find a reason for his troubles.

Brayden was moved to the PICU last this afternoon. Working on his temperature, more labs and ultrasound or CT of his abdomen.

As of this evening, Brayden has perked up a bit.  Temp increasing as well. Small steps in the right direction.

We know his body is tired and we do not know how much more his body can handle.  Pray that we find that best mode of treatment and plan moving forward.


Unknown said...

Prayers for all of you as Brayden fights whatever is causing him to feel poorly.

Unknown said...

Praying for Brayden, praying for you Carrie, your husband, and the boys. Praying that the doctors work to heal Brayden and get him better. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. I feel so bad his little but tough, sweet and loving body has to endure all this. No child or family should have to be going thru this illness. You are so very strong Carrie, and keep fighting......We are all fighting for sweet Braden and your entire family out here. All my love and prayers.
Linda Cassell

Courtney Cassada said...

praying for you all, Carrie. every single one of you. just laying him in God's mighty hands. the most perfect place to be.

Kim Drakopoulos said...

Praying Carrie. Love you all. And ditto what Courtney said.

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