Wednesday, July 3, 2013

On to another beach

The original plan was to head home from the Outer Banks.  Shortly after getting home, Carter and Luke were to be picked up by their papa for another beach trip with their cousins...all of them heading to Myrtle Beach to visit their great-grandpa.  Brayden and I would be home alone, Jeremy out of town for work and Brayden's nurse out of town as well.

Plans changed, Jeremy booked Brayden and I at a great hotel in Myrtle Beach.  So I loaded up all the boys and we headed from the Outer Banks of North Carolina for Myrtle Beach while Jeremy headed home for a business trip.  Not to bad of a road trip, the boys all did pretty well...although the drive was much more back roads in comparison to the 95 route that we would normally take to get to Myrtle Beach from North Carolina...back roads makes it hard to find those all important pit stops.  Once we arrived in MB, I dropped off Carter and Luke with my dad and their cousins (Carter and Luke did not want me around, this was supposed to be their big trip with out parents and be spoiled by their papa). Brayden and I headed towards our hotel.

Did I mention the insanely storms that were blowing through the area?!

I pulled up to the hotel.  This would really be the first time I have traveled alone with Brayden.  No one around to help (not even Carter and Luke to help).  Back to the was I going to unload all of Brayden's gear, Brayden's wheelchair, my stuff, oh and Brayden!?

Oh how I love valet.  If in Washington DC, I will choose valet over a parking garage any day and especially night.  This hotel had valet and not just the park your car kind of valet.  The kind that took care of all your bags and gave you a refreshing drink while they did so.

What a relief and huge help.

The hotel was great.  Brayden and I ended up sharing a king size bed.  Kind of nice waking up to this cutie.
The weather was horrible the first several days.  Lots and lots of terrible rain and storms...the kind that weather alerts were flashing on TV and coming across phones.  So Brayden and I stayed in the hotel for the most part and meet up with the others for dinner.

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