Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Clean up in 15 degree weather

I know this has happened to many of you.  Poop, explosion of poop, at the worst possible times.

Let me take you back to Sunday morning.  Jeremy and Luke left for Luke's wrestling meet.  Brayden, Carter and I were leaving a bit later for the meet, planning on getting there just in time for Luke's first match (he wrestles 3x in a met).

Brayden had just started an antibiotic for his infected g-tube site.  This antibiotic brought with it explosive diarrhea.  Which I cleaned up at 4:00 least I thought I did until I started to get him dressed later in the morning and realized that me at 4:00 a.m. is not good.  He still had residue on his back and legs.  So into the bath, delaying our departure by about 15 minutes.  Bath is done, Brayden is dressed and I am loading the car.  Last thing in is Brayden.  I pick up him and yes his diaper is full, very full.  I managed to keep the clothes clean but not Brayden's linens, so I had to strip the bed.  But I am actually grateful that he did this at home and not in the car or at the wrestling met...hopefully it was all of out his system.

We finally made it in the car, 30 minutes after when I wanted to leave.  About an hour drive to a high school in Annandale.  This school was an older school, which always has me concerned about accessibility.  But Jeremy called me to let me know that around the gym entrance was a ramp.  We arrived at the school and I drove around and around looking for the ramp.  All I could see was stairs.  Luke's match was moments away.  The ramp was blocked from site by a catering truck.  Once I finally located the ramp, I look for parking.  Only ONE handicap space and of course it was full and every parking lot around the school was full.  I decide that since it was 15 degrees outside, I would double park, unload Brayden and Carter, run them into the gym with Jeremy and return to park my car.

I quickly unload Brayden's wheelchair and rush to grab Brayden.  I pick him up out of the car seat and guess what I found?!  Another dirty diaper, that has leaked/exploded onto his clothes and car seat.  I always have a change of clothes for him so I proceed to change him in the back of my car, parked in the fire lane, in front of the gym in 15 degree weather.  Many of you have tried to peel off the poopy clothes without getting it all over the legs, head, hair, etc.  It is not pretty.  Brayden was screaming, perhaps he was freezing as he was laying completely naked in the tailgate of the car while I tried to wipe away all signs of poop (the smell still lingered).  Now what to do with the dirty clothes?  Roll them into a bag and pray the car does not permanently smell.

Finally I rush Carter and Brayden into the gym (that was packed beyond), we missed Luke's 1st match.  I rush back out to park the car, realizing it still smelled pretty bad.  I was tempted to just toss the clothes into the garbage but the sweater was too nice.

Then back to wrestling, out to lunch, then to a birthday party.  Thankfully he saved his final dirty diaper of the day for that evening, when we were home.


Vivianne said...

Oh my goodness, how frustrating for you. Hopefully the antibiotics will do the trick for the tube site and there are no more issues with it or with explosive poops!

Courtney said...

oh, carrie! i would have cried. tell me you cried...

The VW's said...

I just facebooked about a very similiar incident that I had with Gavin today! Oh the joy of antibiotics and explosive diapers! Makes you want to stay in bed with the blankets over your head! I feel for you and can totally relate! Hope you survive the remaining days on antibiotics! Hugs!!!