Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Smells

First, Brayden's appointment to get his cast off is not until Monday now...not sure why, I talked to the scheduler today and his is on for Monday.

Second, Luke got his cast off this morning.  In a brace for a while but no cast.

Luke's cast certainly contained dirt, leaf particles and general funkiness, yes it did smell.  And his was water proof.

Brayden's cast is not water proof (different ortho dr).  The cast goes all the way up to the diaper line.  The top on his cast is definitely a bit discolored.  Thankfully no major diaper blowout that seemed to seep into the cast but still the cast is showing some collateral damage from diaper changes...gross I know.  I have a feeling his cast will be a bit smelly too.

I tend to be a person that smells/scents trigger a memory or reaction.  Most of the time a candle is lit in our house.  I do not like the way the house smells after dinner is done and the smell lingers.  Jeremy sent me flowers for our anniversary and just the fragrance of them feels romantic.  I have a lotion that reminds me of summer camp (it smells like Skin so Soft).  Walk in Abercrombie and it reminds me of college...the store was a bit hit when I was in school and seemed like everyone around smelled like the cologne.  The smell of a fire in the fireplace, immediately makes me cozy.  I realized the other day that the smell of the hospital once bothered me but I do not even notice it anymore.  As the warm weather comes, I step outside and a breeze passes filled with the scent of honey suckle.  The smell of honey suckle warms my heart, like a reminder of childhood and playing outside...probably one of my favorite scents.

You hear people talk shortly after a loved one has passed, they find things that smell like them, remind them of them; an old sweatshirt, the pillow, etc.  A fragrance of that person, finding comfort and memories in that smell.

Brayden tends to smell like his formula and/or his diapers (the smell lingers).  He has moments just after the bath when he smells good, like his soap and shampoo.  Hopefully his leg will not be too bad when the cast is finally removed.

I wonder what he smells.  I have always thought that those with vision impairment had their other senses heightened.  Does he smell me?  Daddy?  His brothers (who tend to smell like dirt and sweat lately)?  The school bus?  School?  The hospital? 

Nothing is more memorable than a smell. One scent can be unexpected, momentary and fleeting, yet conjure up a childhood summer...Smells detonate softly in our memory like poignant land mines, hidden under the weedy mass of years and experiences. Hit a tripwire of smell, and memories explode all at once. - Ackerman

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kirstenpetree said...

I have always wondered what Layne smells too, since he also has visual impairment. I have always wondered if we each have a different smell and he knows us by that. I wish I could get in his head for just a few minutes just to know.