Friday, February 26, 2016

Test Results and Labs

Many tests were done.  Not a lot of results, meaning most things did not give some great direction on the best treatment for Brayden.
The troubles:
  • Electrolytes
  • Retching followed with severe apnea when he is awake (turning blue all over for a couple of minutes)
  • Very low body temperature (technically hypothermic)
  • Heart which is troubled by the potassium problems (and thankfully no heart problems)
  • Running out of places to draw blood (his arms look like an 80s PSA for "say no to drugs")
  • Ins and outs - what do we put in him? what needs to come out of him? and what happens in between?

As Brayden's electrolytes have normalized most of the trouble listed above and have faded away.  All a result of the electrolytes?  Quite possibly, but all seem find that things look better.
Magic in a packet?  Brayden has been completely off IV fluids and put completely on his same formula and fluids that we have been doing for a few months...only one small change that may be big results.  Adding this ORS packet to his food.  High hopes that adding this will help his electrolytes.
Again, he will have labs and we wait to see if all looks good.  And he is now curling up his arms in defense of drawing more labs.

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