Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Big Blue Monster on Bad Wheels

Brayden's new wheelchair arrived.

We order this chair in February 2014.  A series of big mix ups caused delay after delay.  We ordered a different chair at first but was called by the equipment company and told it might not be the best fit for Brayden so we changed the chair.  I was not confident about what we were getting.

Many months later, we got word the wheelchair was finally ready.  Delivery day came and I watched them unload the chair from the truck.  At first I thought they were moving this wheelchair to get to Brayden's wheelchair...but no, this was his chair.

Let me just say, that in some strange way, getting new equipment (or even medical supplies) is exciting.  Getting new gear, making life easier for Brayden, etc. is exciting.

I did not have that feeling with this new wheelchair.  Immediately I felt disappointment.  At first it was because it was not visually appealing.  It is giant and it sparkles.  A giant sparkly blue wheelchair.  The bigger the wheelchair, the less attractive?  Nothing about it is cute or cool.  I can get over the disappoint with the look because once Brayden was placed in the seat, we could see how supportive and comfortable it was going to be for him.

Then it came time to take the wheelchair on the go.  I had to measure the back of our SUV to make sure I could get it clears it by only a couple of inches.  It does break down, barely.  Just the back rest of the seat pulls out.  Then it folds down a bit.  Now I have to lift it in...thank goodness I have been working out, it is crazy heavy and awkward.  But I broke down the wheelchair and got it in.  Ready for its debut on Christmas Eve.  Jeremy unloaded the chair and I tried to put it back together and I couldn't do it, the harder I tried the less things seemed to line up.  After almost being on the verge on tears, I finally got it together (the chair and my emotions).

A couple of days later, we had the new wheelchair out for another run.  This time in an older church building.  I could not get this massive chair over a door threshold.  The front wheels of the chair are tiny and would not go over it...kind of like little T-rex arms, what good are they?  I could not pop-a-wheelie on the back tires, like we have done with Brayden's other chairs, jogger, etc. to get over thresholds and small curbs.  I could get over the threshold, if we went backwards.  Well, the hallway of this church was long and narrow, we had to start going out of the room and down the hall, backwards the entire way, just to get back out the door.

Then time for school and trying to get out of the house...over the threshold, on the lift, over the concrete lip of the garage door, etc.  The chair is awkward.

The handle bars are not the kind we asked for, they are short and we can barely hang his feeding pump equipment/bag without it dragging on the tires.

I know my attitude has to adjust to the bigger equipment but it has to work for Brayden and for us too.  We waited for 10 months, I had big expectations.

Calling the equipment company to see if we can change out the tires and handle bars.  And using it more, we will get more comfortable with it.  Ugh, why isn't this getting easier?

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