Thursday, November 13, 2014

BiPAP sleep study

It was the night for another sleep study, this time with the BiPAP machine on.

Arrive at 7:00 p.m.  Jeremy and I running Carter and Luke back/forth; I get Brayden ready then Jeremy arrives with Luke for me to take the boys home for the night while Jeremy and Brayden hunker down at the sleep clinic.

I work on all of Brayden normal night routine while the tech is setting up (poor woman did not seem warned/prepared for how involved Brayden is).  Then comes time to put on all of the monitors.  Wires and monitors on the legs, arms, chest, neck, face and of course all over the head (and wrap his head really well so the monitors all stay in place)...and we haven't even put the BiPAP machine on yet.

Brayden "tolerated" the placement of all the monitors wires.  By the time we needed to put on the mask, he was exhausted from his effort and his nighttime medications were kicking in.

Oh how I hate to put him though these things.  We cannot explain things to him, we try but do not know how much he understands; other than he is being tortured and mommy and daddy are there.  How can we tell him that is to help understand what he needs to sleep, his sleep quality is so poor that he needs this...

He looks so pitful.
He did sleep relatively well.  The tech came in several times throughout the night to make necessary adjustments.
The study ended early in the morning and Jeremy brought him home...time for a shower to get all the junk out of his hair (the same stuff from EEGs) and all of the tape residue off his skin.
In a couple of weeks, we will find out the best BiPAP settings from this sleep study.  Then his machine at home will be set and he will start using it at night.


Junior said...

oh how well I remember the first time Junior was set up on bipap.
Good luck with it, we will be praying that it helps with the sleep.

Anonymous said...

i hope you've been able to get into a routine with the bipap and brayden's feeling better with it. i hope all is well!