Friday, October 17, 2014

Sleep Study Results - He runs a Marathon

Well, we knew Brayden's quality of sleep was poor but today we saw it on paper.
  • The sleep study showed, 29 awakenings.
  • Only 3.4% of his sleep was REM sleep (the good quality deep sleep).  It should be at least 30%.
  • 435 episodes of oxygen desaturation where his oxygen dropped by more than 3%.  Also, his oxygen rate varied from 68% - 98% during the study, it should really only be in the 90s.
  • Lots of other numbers that show he has poor sleep.
  • The doctor basically said that he runs a marathon every night, his body is working really hard trying to breathe properly when he is sleeping.
So technically during sleep, Brayden has:
  • SEVERE Obstructive Sleep Apnea.  Not obstructed by his tonsils and adenoids because he had them removed years ago.  He has very low muscle tone so his airway collapse when sleeping and he also has central sleep apnea where his brain is not telling him to breath all the time (just very brief episodes).
  • Hypoxemia - poor oxygen flow in his blood because of poor breathing while sleeping.
  • Sleep Related Hypoventilation - not quality breathing and getting rid of the CO2.
Brayden will be put on BiPAP for sleep.  We will introduce it to him for the next few weeks.  Then go in for another sleep study for them to properly adjust the best numbers/rate on the BiPAP.  The equipment company will be calling us soon to set up time to deliver the gear.
Regulating his sleep improve his seizure control, weight gain (minimize it please) and basically improve his quality of life because he has been quite tired for sometime.  It looks like it will take a couple of months to adjust and get to where he needs to be.

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