Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Running a 5K with Brayden

I signed Brayden and I up for a 5K, Sept 28 in the local town of Purcellville.

Let me be clear, I loathe running.  I will do just about any workout to avoid actual running.  I get board with running, my mind wanders, then I realize how slow I am going, pick up the pace again and then process starts all over.

However, Brayden loves to be pushed around in his chairs.  It is probably one of his favorite things to do (and he will let you know if he wants to be pushed more...usually in a not-so-nice way).  Jeremy found out about this inaugural race and talked with me about it...why not have a new goal?!

So I signed Brayden up to be a Captain.  He will be pushed by three Angels, myself and two friends.  We will have lots of friends and even two more captains, signing up to race with us.  And you can run with us too!  Send me a message if you are interested.

In the meantime I have been trying to work on my running skills.  Running with Brayden, running without Brayden, trying to increase speed, trying to increase distance.  There is a huge difference when trying to push Brayden.

Him - totally relaxed, enjoying the ride, perhaps catching a nap
Me - totally freaking out, trying to catch my breath and almost hoping for someone I know to come by and give us a ride home.
We are going to do the race and I am determined to do it well...oh and have fun.

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