Thursday, September 6, 2012

Not a cup of sugar

I have a handful of really great girl friends that are moms to a special need children.  Last week was one of those weeks when we realize how great it is to have each other.

Many phone calls, emails and texts flying around last week...

One mom was heading home from the hospital.  Coming home from the hospital is like coming home from vacation but a million times worse (you were not on vacation but in the hospital) because getting all of the gear situated, translating all of the hospital things into home use, etc.  It is quite a transition.  My friend called me, they needed a special attachment to give medication through the g-j tube.  It was already the evening and they did not have a way to give the meds and could maybe get something the following day.  Did I have anything of Brayden's they could use?  Brayden no longer has a g-j tube but separate g-tube and a j-tube (see above photo).  But I did save some of the hard-to-come-by medical things, including the attachment, that I stored away.  She lives about 1 mile from us so she came over and I handed over a bag full of "goodies".  I have definitely used some of her medical supplies the past.

We do not call each other to get a cup of sugar, we call to swing by for medical supplies.  How great to have someone right down the road.

Another mom was rushing her son to the hospital.  It was late night and early morning of texts, whispering phone calls (whispering from her since her son was finally sleeping), lots of praying, etc.  Some how she and I can always find something to laugh about...many strange/interesting/bizarre things happen at the hospital and it is nice to have someone understand and find some humor in it all too.

One mom was heading to the hospital for her daughter's first g-tube.  We talked about the surgery, equipment, formula, etc.  Some how coordinating the surgeon, GI doctor and nutritionist seems to be a task...we know.  Trying to find the best option and feeding schedule for your child.  The parents wanted to see want the g-tube, Mic-Key button actually looked like (not just the pictures online), so I texted a picture of Brayden's buttons.  Cute belly, right!?

Then over the weekend she and I headed out for the evening to see the King and I, at Wolf Trap.  We both prepared the daddies with supplies and bedtime routines, then headed out...with our phones in our laps all evening.  I am happy to report there was not a major crisis (just some vomiting).

Just to balance it out, I did have a friend come by to get some eggs, another dropped by her fabulous spaghetti sauce,...sometimes things are actually a little normal for me.

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I love this post for so many reasons.