Wednesday, November 2, 2011


That might be Brayden's new nickname at school.  He has been screaming his way through his hours and days at school.

No clue as to why.  He has been doing fine with us.  Yes he fusses and cries sometimes for us but at school he is consistently crying and screaming.  This is his 3rd year at school, almost all the same people in the classroom, same room, same routine and activities.  The past couple of years he did really well at school...this year is a different story.

I have discussed things with his teacher several times and his nurse (who accompanies him to school).  They are trying little things here and there to help him.  But no one is really sure what is triggering him to become so upset.  And then he gets really upset...past the point of no return...he gets so upset that he is inconsolable.

This week, a behavior specialist was called in to help.  Jeremy and I both got a good chuckle with the thought of a behavior specialist called in for Brayden...a child that cannot talk or walk has behavior issues.  Really the specialist was brought in to help with fresh ideas and maybe a new perspective on Brayden.

He sample school picture came home this week.  I did not know it was school picture day (his brothers had football that night and he was wearing a football t-shirt in support) and clearly he was not pleased. Although Jeremy is calling this his football face.  But hey, he wasn't screaming for the photo...that happened before and after.

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